Extra large floor vases

For large rooms, an extra large floor vase is an excellent choice. Their large size makes such vases especially eye catching, and draws attention to any floral, branches, reeds, or other type of item being displayed in the vase. How large must a vase be to be considered extra large or huge? Around four feet or higher is larger than most typically sized and even large floor vases. Here are some examples of very big floor vases.

When extra large floor vases get to the 4 or 5 foot size they can be quite heavy, nearing or even exceeding 100 pounds. This weight tends to make them quite stable. Since not too many people are looking for vases of such a large size, the selection of huge vases is sometimes less than that of the more common size of 36 inch or smaller, and prices can be higher for the large vases in part since there is more material needed to create and handle the vase. Thanks for visiting our floor vases site, and hope we helped you find the extra large floor vases you’re looking for.

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