Tips for selecting a large floor vase

Here are several helpful tips for selecting a large floor vase for a room.

1. Choose a floor vase with a color that is matching or complementary to the colors present in the room the vase will go in. Look at the wall colors, and the color of the furniture and accessories in the space. If you have a particular floral, branches, reed, or other items to display in the vase, how their color will go with the floor vase is important to consider.

2. Get a large floor vase in a size appropriate for the size of the room and the amount of open space allotted for the vase. While the width of the room is important, the ceiling height is another factor to consider. Floor vases can vary in height considerably, from around 2 foot, to over 5 feet tall. A large floor vase can also come in a variety of widths, so if there’s not a lot of open floor area for the vase, a thin and tall vase might be a good choice.

3. Look at several floor vase shapes, considering which style will look best in the particular room the vase is going into. Large floor vases come in rectangular designs, cylinder, fluted, and tear drop shapes to name a few.

Finally, it is a good idea to remember that since large floor vases are so beautiful and versatile, if the vase one chooses doesn’t fit perfectly in one room, perhaps it might go well in another room, perhaps with a different floral arrangement in it. And sometimes trying out several different corners of a room for the big floor vase / a different placement can be a good way to help both the vase and the room look their best and to have the two work together in combination.

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